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We have plenty of turf options from which to choose. Having so many options can make it challenging to find your turf. That's why we've provided a quick explanation of the turf options we offer below. If you need more information about each product, you can visit the link provided below each description or give us a call.
Kenda — Organic Turf in Shoalhaven


When you need a fast-establishing turf, look no further than the Kenda Kikuyu. It is great for yards with plenty of traffic from children and pets, and it recovers extremely quickly from any damage. It survives the coldest of environments, all while maintaining a lush, green colour that's hard to match.
Narra — Organic Turf in Shoalhaven


Built to outlast everyone, the Nara Native Zoysia is designed for the harshest of climates. With a low-maintenance, high-drought tolerance, you'll have to use a plough to get it out of your yard. That is why it is a great turf option for yards with high slopes or erosion control needs.
Sapphire — Organic Turf in Shoalhaven


When comfort matters, it's hard to overlook Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf. The leaves are foldable, making a walk through the grass while barefoot one of the most relaxing experiences you can imagine. It is easily maintained and designed to last in high-traffic areas without needing a ton of water to survive.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Aren’t all turf options the same?

No, some turf options are built for high-traffic, low-shade applications while others are designed for out-of-the-way areas that have plenty of shade. The turf you buy should be matched to your environment to last a long time.

Do all turf options require maintenance?

Yes, turf has to be maintained. Some turf options are perfect for high traffic applications but require a little extra maintenance to recover quickly. If maintenance is an issue for you, look for low-maintenance turf that is designed to recover quickly on their own.

I live in a dry area. Won’t any turf I install die quickly?

Not if it is designed for the climate. With so many turf options to choose from, finding turf to match your application is not only possible, it’s available.